Can heartbeat parse the html response of a URL?

I am trying to parse the html response body of a URL in http monitor type and this is my config:

- type: http
  enabled: true
  id: narvar
  name: Narvar
  urls: [""]
  schedule: '@every 10s'
    status: [200]
    body: 'Returns - operational(?=[^>]*class="jsx-5ffa3024fd415850)'

I did this using the HTTP options | Heartbeat Reference [8.8] | Elastic
But this doesn't work.
I am trying to configure a monitor for Returns - operational and if its not operational it should be a down monitor.

I don't see any hits in my kibana dashboard for this url. All the other regular monitors report okay.
Not sure where I am going wrong.

If you need to handle HTML I'd highly recommend Browser monitors.

You can only look for a regexp in the returned HTML with a lightweight check, but that's it. Additionally, it won't execute javascript, which is often required.

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