Can i have in logstash 2 different inputs with 2 different ports

Hello can i have in logstash input section 2 different inputs with 2 different ports ?

input {
gelf {
port_udp => 5041
use_udp => true

port_http => 5043


In the case that the answer is yes can i also have more inputs ?

Thank you

yes, it's working...



Thanks BUT...

The first link that you provided does not provide an answer because one input is from beat agent i want to check sources like tcp,udp, gelf etc..
The second link has a case where the same input is in both cases tcp with different ports.

The case that i want to clarify is if i can have 2 different protocol type inputs (gelf, http) with 2 different ports as i show in my example.

we are using tcp port (5044)and http port (5045) in one pipeline and it's working without issues.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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