Logstash Multiple Inputs on same port query

I have a novice question....

I currently have 2 pipelines for data coming into Logstash. One of which is beats, and the other is custom http data. Both of which output to seperate Elastic indexes.

I've got this working fine using two pipelines with seperate inbound ports, one with beats input plugin and one with http input plugin, but from a networking perspective it would be tidier if I could just send to logstash on one port.

Is it possible to do this with one pipeline just using one inbound port? I'd need to identify whether the source data required the beats or http plugin and handle it accordingly. If it is possible can you point me to some working examples where the input has been split out?


No, input plugins can not share ports.

Take a look at the distributor pattern in the pipeline-to-pipeline documentation.

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