Can I only reserve fields parsed from log when output?

I want harvest Nginx access log using Filebeat. Instead of output to Logstash / Elasticsearch, I just want to send log content to Kafka topic. The content may like:


Then I config filebeat.yml input:

- type: log
  enabled: true
    - /data/log/nginx/access/overwrite_test/change_root_field_input.log
  json.keys_under_root: true
  json.overwrite_keys: true
  json.add_error_key: true
    otype: change_root_field_input
    stattype: json_log

However, when I fetch log and feed to console / Kafka, the output likes below:

  "@timestamp": "2019-08-23T07:24:53.905Z",
  "@metadata": {
    "beat": "filebeat",
    "type": "_doc",
    "version": "7.3.0"
  "bar": "yyy",
  "fields": {
    "stattype": "json_log"
  "input": {
    "type": "log"
  "agent": {
    "ephemeral_id": "95a82ced-972a-464b-b985-f3cda3c92681",
    "hostname": "server_1",
    "id": "1f1321f7-098d-4da9-a2df-62e21afb7911",
    "version": "7.3.0",
    "type": "filebeat"
  "ecs": {
    "version": "1.0.1"
  "host": {
    "architecture": "x86_64",
    "os": {
      "platform": "centos",
      "version": "6.10 (Final)",
      "family": "redhat",
      "name": "CentOS",
      "kernel": "2.6.32-696.10.1.el6.x86_64",
      "codename": "Final"
    "containerized": false,
    "name": "server_1",
    "hostname": "server_1"
  "foo": "xxx",
  "log": {
    "offset": 645,
    "file": {
      "path": "/data/log/nginx/access/my_custom.log"

I just want fields like foo and bar from nginx log, what's more, my custom field stattype. Unfortunately, I got so many fields I don't care and won't use. Because it won't send output to ElasticSearch and Logstash.

So, can I only ouput my custom fields wihthout default fields? I have tried Drop fields from events, but it seems only drop log fieds and had no idea about other :pensive:.

Thanks :blush:

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