Can I Reduce FileBeat Executeable File Size By Config Something or Comment Something Before build?

I unpack all versions of the filebeat-${version}-x86_64.rpm and stats the size of Executeable Files.

I found that after some break changes in version 6.0.0, the size of the Executeable File Jump to 45M from 16M(size of version 5.6.16),and now it grows to 94M(size of version 7.12.0).

it is a little big for me , can I make the file smaller by reduce some functions in src or some config files ?

for example:
i don't need redis , kafka,elasticsearch,fileout,redis output ,so i comment them in src
"/src/"(version 7.12.0),the dist file only reduce to 84M,but it still too big for me.

is there any deep reduce method ?

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