Can i use heartbeat for this usecase? Sending custom, dynamic payload via tcp


Hi folks,

I am currently unfamiliar with heartbeat. Please tell me if my usecase can be accomplished with heartbeat.


  • I want to connect to a tcp port.
  • I need to send specific payload to the port. The Payload is binary and there there are some bytes which needs to be incremented on each probe iteration (one 2byte flag, running from 0x0000 to 0xFFFF. After reaching 0xFFFF it will reset to 0x0000. If I remember correctly, I need NO null-Termination at the end of the payload.
  • My main target is not in first place to monitor if the service is available, but to have continuous input on our dev system, that metric logs are written by application and that my kibana dashboards have some data to show on dev systems. Otherwise I often see "no data found".

So is it possible to calculate the payload by an external script and send binary data with heartbeat?

Thanks a lot,

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We currently don't support this use case, but it is an interesting one. In the future we might support generic scripts driving heartbeat, but that is currently not the case and not something on our roadmap.

If you could open a github issue requesting this as a feature I would appreciate that.

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