Can i use notification for logstash's error or warn logs?

for example :

[2020-11-09T16:30:46,039][WARN ][org.logstash.instrument.metrics.gauge.LazyDelegatingGauge][main] A gauge metric of an unknown type (org.jruby.specialized.RubyArrayOneObject) has been create for key: cluster_uuids. This may result in invalid serialization. It is recommended to log an issue to the responsible developer/development team.

It's not clear to me what you are asking here, can you elaborate a little more please.

I mean that, can logstash send email notification it's error or warn log which is made by file?

Yes it can, take a look at the email output.

Hi warkolm,

if logstash pipeline is not successfully started, it will not work, i mean if any error come before pipeline start, it will not notify email. how can do this?

Fix the errors?

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