Can Logstash output Mongo 3.4's new type Decimal128?

Mongo 3.4 has a new BSON Type: Decimal128 ("decimal") along with a new constructor NumberDecimal().

An example field looks like:

I can not find any documentation on filters that would support outputting this type.

I found this information on GitHub:

Serializing and writing BSON

Drivers MUST provide a way of constructing the Value Object, as the driver representation of the BSON Decimal128 is an immutable Value Object by default.

A driver MUST have a way to construct this Value Object from a string. For example, Java MUST provide a method similar to Decimal128.valueOf("2.000")

Is this possible with logstash? Any work arounds?

GitHub Mongo BSON Decimal128 Spec:

Mongo Documentation:

BSON Specs:

Thanks. Am very new to logstash, and first post, so sorry if it's in the wrong section.

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