Can logstash parse same type of multiple log files?


I have a question regarding the multiple log files (of similar type) parsing by logstash.
Scenario :-
My application generate log files every day,(2 log files in a day) by the name of intranet-YYYY-MM-DD-PORT.log like below:-


All these logs are generate in a folder.

My need is to parse these logs files every day to send it to elastic and prepare the graphs/visualization.

Basically from the logs I want to know how many error per day application is generating, how much time application is taking to restart every day etc....

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I am not sure what you are asking.
But also consider using filebeat.

Hello AClerk,
Thanks for your reply.
My need is that I want to inject/push logs data every day from the log folder to elasticsearch and based on daily log data I want to create visualization.
For the moment I have C:\ELK\intralogs where I place all the logs like below



When I execute logstash it just ready & parse only one log file (ie intranet-2021-02-20-8400).
Just to let you know I created an index pattern where I I just see the data from only one log ( for example intranet-2021-02-20-8400)
So my question is how to parse and send all the log files on daily basis to elasticsearch so that my index pattern also keeps updating with latest logs.?

As I wrote,
I am not sure about logstash. But with filebeat, you can achieve your solution easily.

Thanks A Clerk.

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