Can metricbeat support run command?

(Sitanxin) #1

Hi all,

Is there any way to run small command in the metricbeat?

os_version: "cat /etc/redhat-release"

But in result, we can see this command did not run. Is there any way we can run it?

(Steffen Siering) #2

metricbeat will not run external commands for you. One option is to pass environment variables to metricbeat. e.g.

    $ OS_VERSION=$(cat /etc/redhat-release) metricbeat ...

then you can configure:

  fields.os_version: ${OS_VERSION:unknown}

Optionally without environment variables start metricbeat with:

    metricbeat -E os.version=$(cat /etc/redhat-release) ... -E os.type=linux -E os.distro=redhat -E os.arch=...

then you can configure:

  fields.os: ${os}

This config will get you an event with

"fields": {
  "os": {
    "type": "linux",
    "distro": "redhat",
    "version": "...",
    "arch": "...",

Just an idea :wink:

(Sitanxin) #3

this is a great idea. will test it tomorrow and share result to u.
but just be quereosity, why not support shell scripty or command? for security concern or performance?

(ruflin) #4

One of the main concerns in security but also performance and complexity. If we would just execute any script in the config metricbeat would become a script execution engine...

(Sitanxin) #5

verified the 2nd way, it can work as expected. and we use ansible to combind this as well. thanks again for ur detail explains.

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