Can not re-use field value for calculating new value

Depends on some condition I want to re-calculate field value. Please, give me a hand.

ruby {
code => "event.set('my_field', event.get('my_field')*1024)"

If that’s not working then use a temporary variable that you remove after you’re done calculating.

Event.set(‘my_field’, ‘temp’); Event.set(‘my_field’, event.get(‘temp’)*1024);

remove_field => “temp”

Hi. I've resolved this issue. You gave me a good prompt ))

if [@metadata][csv][Flag] == "1" {
ruby {
init => "@var_tmp"
code => "
event.set('var_tmp', event.get('my_field'))
event.set('my_field', event.get(''var_tmp')*1024);"

And in the end we need to remove this temporary variable.

mutate {
remove_field => ["var_tmp"]

Guys, but not forget firstly to convert type of your field to some numeric ones!

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