Can someone explain how these time functions work?

This is confusing me and I just want to understand how this all works:

I have two new fields called @SMF_TIMESTAMP and @split_time.

SMF_TIMESTAMP I convert to my timezone per the code below. And split_time I set to UTC (even though it's already in UTC, so it's probably redundant code).

Then I pull the hour out of each timestamp. When I do that, I get the current timezone hour from split_time (even though it's in UTC) and I get 6 hours AHEAD of the SMF_TIMESTAMP field (even though it's set to -0600).

So my question is why do I get my current timezone's hour from a timestamp that's six hours ahead?

And why do I get an hour that's 6 hours ahead when pulled from a UTC timestamp?

I have what I need already but I just want to understand what's at work behind the scenes... here are some photos:


Results from the code above:

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