Can you configure filebeat to exit as soon as eof is reached?

I'm trying to do benchmark on filebeat and elasticsearch and would like to time the time taken to publish and index a file. Closest configuration I can find is close_eof, but it doesn't cause filebeat process to exit.

This is currently not possible. Here is an open issue for this feature request:

As this is not possible yet, I normally use -httpprof :6060 to open the beats HTTP debugging endpoint and fetch number of published events about every second. This gives me the throughput. Search Beats forum for for python script showing the current rate + some average rate.

Using collectbeat throughput info can be written to another/local elasticsearch instance for querying via kibana. Build might be broken from time to time + it might work with master most recent beats alpha only as I update from time to time to keep up with master branch (no versioning yet).

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