Cannot output to redis

my config.yml is like this:

    - type: log
      enabled: true
        - 'D:\1021\*.log'
      #scan_frequency: '60s'
      #multiline.pattern: '^\[\d{4}\-\d{2}'
      #multiline.negate: true
      #multiline.match: after
          host: ''
          app: 'selfservice'
          sublei: 'csharp'
      tail_files: true
      #ignore_older: '24h'
      path: ${path.config}\modules.d\*.yml
      reload.enabled: true
      index.number_of_shards: 1
      hosts: ''
      db: 4
      timeout: 10
      key: 'csharp'    

in filebeat logs i find output like this:

"pipeline": {
	"clients": 1,
	"events": {
		"active": 0,
		"filtered": 6,
		"total": 6

is this means my log file was filtered, why?

Hi @vincentchao, welcome to the Elastic Community Forums!

What version of Filebeat are you using?

Could you try temporarily changing your output from redis to console and see if any events are published to STDOUT? Or you might try the file output and see if any events are being collected in the specified file.

Could you also re-run Filebeat with logging.level: debug set and post the logs from start up until you see the filtered events log entry you posted earlier?

thank you for your answer.
i think i have found the reson, it's not about filebeat.

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