Cannot remove "Type" field added with Logstash

Hello ELK gurus,
i'm completing my company's cluster configuration but now i have one big issue.

I have grok patterns configured like this:

grok {
   match => { "message" => "%{DATA:faceserver} %{DATA:portal}: %{DATA:app_portal} %{IP:ip} - - - %{NUMBER:response} %{GREEDYDATA:request} %{NUMBER:ask1} \"%{GREEDYDATA:url}\"" }
   add_field => {
   "type" => "portal.redirector-access"

Even if i remove the "add_field" lines, i still have logs coming in ES with type attached.
I also tried:

mutate {
   remove_field => ["type"]

... but doesn't work either.
Any suggestions ? Am i missing something ?

Thanks a lot!

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