Can't find shared folder for backup in Lab 4.1 of the Elastic Engineer 2 course

I am studying the Elastic Engineer 2 course but I can't follow the instructions in Lab 4.1 "Cluster Backup" because I can't find the shared folder that it says should exist.

In step 2 of the lab it says "Notice there is a single folder named /shared_folder that each server can read/write to".

I have been unable to find this folder in the three servers server1, server2, and server 3 in the Strigo environment. Are they definitely present? I'd be grateful is someone could give me more detailed instructions on how to find this shared folder. I have been connecting to the three servers using ssh and then using ls -l to try to look for the shared folder but have not been able to find it. I need to do this in order to prep fir the certification exam.



I ssh'd onto server 7 and did ls. The only folder present there is called "elasticsearch".

Going up from there I can see two folders only called: elastic & root.

Going into the "elasticsearch folder" I can only see the normal folder arrangement of elasticsearch's installation: bin, config, logs, etc.

I'd be grateful for any further help you can proide.



On server1, you should be able to do cd /shared_folder

If not, try a ls / to make sure it's there.

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Thanks! Not being a UNIX/LINUX person I didn't really appreciate that I needed to do cd /shared_folder and that the slash was all-important. I thought I could just look around in the familiar parts of the file hierarchy and I would find this folder.

It might help others like me if this was made even clearer to LINUX novices like myself in the lab notes.

Thanks so much


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