Can't parse a CSV file - message is coming through though

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  • update - problem solved, explanations in the replies section
    Hi, I am using the conf file below to parse a csv. I cannot get the message to populate into the fields that are mapped. Instead I see the message in kibana, but the fields are all zeros.
    stdout shows the fields are all parsed. After 3 days of trying this out I could use some help.

Kibana screenshot result is here showing the message is going through ok:

You should also know I removed a mutate clause to tell logstash what is an integer/float, but even then the parsing does not map into fields.

input {
file {
path => [ "/home/elastic/turbofiles/dxc/.csv" ]
# for future use:
# recursive search under path
# path => [ "/home/elastic/turbofiles/dxc/**/
.csv" ]

start_position => beginning
sincedb_path => "/dev/null"


filter {
csv {
#source => "message"
separator => ";"
skip_empty_columns => true
quote_char => "'"
columns => ["run_date", "location_continent", "location_state_country", "location_city", "clusterUuid", "VMs", "Hosts", "VM_Headroom", "VMHost_Density", "AvgCPUUsed", "UtilCPU", "PeakCPUUsed", "AvgCPUCapEff", "AvgCPUCapHA", "AvgMemUsed", "UtilMem", "PeakMemUsed", "AvgMemCapEff", "MaxMemCapHA", "DS_AvgSA", "DS_AvgSAFree", "DS_UtilSA", "DS_AvgSACap", "DS_AvgSP", "DS_AvgSPFree", "DS_UtilSP", "DS_AvgSPCap", "VM_AvgVCPU", "VM_UtilVCPU", "VM_PeakVCPU", "VM_AvgVMem", "VM_UtilVMem", "VM_PeakVMem", "VM_AvgIO", "VM_UtilIO", "VM_PeakIO", "VM_AvgSL", "VM_UtilSL", "VM_PeakSL", "VM_AvgSA", "VM_UtilSA", "VM_PeakSA", "VM_AvgSP", "VM_UtilSP", "VM_PeakSP", "Alloc_VM_VMem", "Alloc_Mem_Ratio", "Alloc_Mem_%", "Alloc_VM_VCPU", "Alloc_CPU_Ratio", "Alloc_CPU_%"]

if [VMs] == "VMs" {
drop { }

filter {
grok {
match => ["path", "_%{YEAR:year}%{MONTHNUM:month}%{MONTHDAY:day}.csv$"]
add_field => ["datetime", "%{year}.%{month}.%{day}"]
add_field => [ "received_at", "%{@timestamp}" ]
add_field => [ "received_from", "%{host}" ]
mutate {
remove_field => ["month", "day", "year"]

output {
elasticsearch {
hosts => "localhost"
index => "test"
document_type => "test_report"
stdout { }

Example for a csv file "as is" with the header line, which is parsed even when I tried to filter it out.


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OK update - the mutate/convert is killing my values.
Not sure why, I tried to play with integer vs. float
A number like 17.23 converts into zero no matter what I choose (float/integer)

Also - I wish there was a "live debug" option for logstash. To step into each field and see what logstash wants to do and perhaps play with the real-time settings to see what logstash will output. Just an idea.

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The problem is now solved, the main issue I had with "mutate" not working is that I should have left the seperator char as the default. This way all the data surrounded by double quotes was treated as expected with the help of "mutate... convert"

Also - my if/drop now works, and the date filter works for my "run_date" field.


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