Cant see my Beats list in ES version 7.8.0


After updating to ES version 7.8.0 i cant see my Beats list in Beat management

What can i do to see them as i did before the update?

Important note:

Despite the fact that i dont see them in the beats management they probably still work fine.
For example my hearbeat works because it provides info about uptime as the image show below:

From what version have you upgraded? Have you upgraded Beats and migrated the central configuration index as well?


I have upgraded from version 7.6. Also to mention that all beats seem to send data in my indexes so they seem to work fine.

For example Heartbeat works fine as the image show below:

and also within the server i see i that heartbeat was also updated to 7.8 as the image show below:


I just cant see them n Beats management in kibana even though i am super user.

What is the central configuration index ? :slight_smile:

Is maybe my problem related to the issue that the link describes below?

What shall i do to get my issue fixed?

Thank you a lot in advance

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