Capture HTTPS Certificate Expiration Dates using Heartbeat

I had the opportunity to ask @tudor this question at ElasticOn17 -- this might be a feature request.

Q: For the heartbeat HTTP monitor type, is it possible for Heartbeat to capture the HTTPS certificate expiration date (or days left until expiration) of the URL as a metric?

I am curious as to if this is possible or not as I have a need to monitor SSL certificate expiration dates for hundreds of our individual company websites (all of them have their own certificate expiration dates) and there isn't a great solution for this most anywhere else. Maybe Heartbeat can do this?

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Sounds like a great feature to me. I've been using check_http in nagios for this and it would be nice to move it to Beats. I think we should track this one in Github. Can you please open an issue for it?

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This is currently not supported by heartbeat. I created an enhancement request for heartbeat to track some TLS connection data.


Thank you Steffen!

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