CDN Deliverability in Russia?

Heya Discourse team:

We've heard from some users in Russia that certain javascript assets aren't being delivered - some example assets that don't get fetched include those screenshotted below:

The user informed us that routing their requests through a proxy outside of Russia let them request assets normally. Is this a fluke or are you aware of any country filtering by the CDN? Thanks for the help!

/cc @sylvie @fingerhut

Looks like our CDN indeed did have some issues in Russia, but all should be
resolved now:

Are they still experiencing any issues?

Thanks for the fast turnaround @Sam_Saffron, we'll note that status page for future reference :thumbsup:

That outage timeline roughy lines up with the user's report. @sylvie, it looks like the issue is just transient and should be resolved for the user, let us know if they're still seeing problems.