Change format json file to metrics with Logstash and save it in Victoria Metrics

Here is only one example from my JSON file >>

{"host":"ABCDEFASD","groups":["ABVD","TEST"],"applications": ["NETWORK"],"itemid":143172,"name":"Operational status of interface Se0/1/0:17","clock":1604283792,"ns":926563322,"value":2}

AND I want to change this json file to metrics format:

metrics{host="ABCDEFASD", groups="ABVD",groups="TEST",applications="NETWORK",name="Operational status of interface Se0/1/0:17", "itemid":143172}

Remove > value, ns, clock
Separate > "groups":[ABVD","TEST"] groups="ABVD",groups="TEST" metrics { }

Can you help me with this? What should I follow with my config file? (Sorry I am a beginner to Logstash) I am connecting to SSH server with putty >> CentOS8 Linux Machine

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