Change size in Preview on the Relevance Tuning

hi, I am a newbie. When I search in the preview on the Relevance Tuning, it shows only 10 documents. Is there any way to change the limit to 30?

Hi @hung_dinh,

I don't think it's possible. What is the use-case for you? This window is supposed to be there only to give you some indication of what the returned value would be.

Hey there @hung_dinh, @Artem_Shelkovnikov is correct that you can't change the results that are viewed in the UI as it's supposed to just be a preview that shows you the top results for a query.

If you have a use case where you need to see more results, you could potentially do the following:

  1. Create a new Elasticsearch-based engine, with the indices in your current engine backing this new engine
  2. Make the relevance changes that you want to see and click Save
  3. Use the App Search API to run search requests against that new engine.
  4. When you are satisfied with the changes, apply them to your current engine.
  5. Optionally delete your test engine.