Change the regexes useragent filter plugin uses by default

This question is about version of Logstash 5.6 onwards as myself and colleagues are still working on moving away from 5 (yes we know it's EOL).

At time of writing the Logstash useragent filter plugin identifies Chromium based Edge as Chrome instead of Edge. This has led to me looking at making it use a newer version of the regexes.yaml from

But using a newer version of regexes.yaml seems to mean modifying every call to the useragent filter to include

regexes => "path_to_regexes_file"

This is quite tedious and creates the possibility of new calls not being created in a way which means they use the same regexes file as existing calls, because people are fallible.

Instead of modifying a whole bunch of existing calls and hope people don't create inconsistency in future, what I'd really like to do is replace the regexes.yaml the plugin uses by default. As far as I can tell that's not possible, but can anyone tell me otherwise?

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