Change version and custom images in ECK

Now I set configuration as below:

  version: 7.4.0
  image: my_custom_image:7.4.0

What would happen if I change version to 7.4.1 but image not?
And what would happen if change image tag to 7.4.1 but version not?

Hey @LoadingZhang, that's a good question.

The version field indicates which version of Elasticsearch ECK should operate. For example if you specify 6.8 but are actually running 7.2, your cluster probably won't work since ECK will setup some configuration and API calls for Elasticsearch version 6.8. If you omit the image field, ECK automatically fills it with the official image matching the version field.

The image field represents the Docker container images used for Elasticsearch. ECK does not attempt to parse the version from its value. That's why the version field is mandatory.

In short: please make sure the Elasticsearch version of your custom Docker image matches what you specified in the version field, otherwise ECK may not behave as expected.

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