Changing Default Logstash Port - 5044

Hi All,

I would like to change the default logstash port from 5044 to 6044. Can any one please share some pointers for the same.

I'm trying to run multiple instances of logstash on same machine. Is running Logstash using different port number a good approach or should opt for some better approach?

Thanks and Regards,
Rakesh Chhabria.

If you are referring to the beats input you can change the port option.

It may make sense to run multiple instances or it may make sense to run multiple pipelines in a single logstash instance.

Hi Badger,

I need to parse and ingest logs of 10 different application into elasticsearch. For each application I have written a grok filter to parse and process the output to elastic.

Now instead of running one instance of logstash and processing all the logs there, I would like to distribute the load by running 2 or more instances of logstash to process the application logs.

Need to understand the best practice to implement the same.

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