Check if logstash is working

I have a filebeat running and I can see in the logs that it is parsing my log files. The check config worked and it stated that everything is ok. I goto logstash and I have a filebeat.conf in the conf.d folder. Inside this file the input is declared with the output port declared in the filebeat instance. How can I check that logstash is actually receiving data from filebeat. Once I have established this then I see to be able to figure out how I know logstash is sending the data to elasticsearch.

By the way my filebeats version is 7.6.0 and my logstash version is 6.2.4 are they compatible?

Any help would be great thanks Cal

Logstash has monitoring api's. You can see event counts in and sent on to Elastic if you dig into the data. I use these stats in another monitor to watch for low/high rate and queue depth by pipelines and other things.

You appear to be outside the compatibility matrix with those versions.

That said, if you are only using filebeat features that existed at the time of 6.2 it might work. If it breaks, you own all the pieces :slight_smile:

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