Choosing the right plugin

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Hi all
I am reserching for the right input plugin for my system , what i need in the end of the day is plugin which support

  1. scheduled rest client calls
  2. support SSL and ssl.verification_mode: none support !!!
  3. changing the json , I wouldnt like the plugin to dictate the json scheme , what i am looking for is somthing which get my json from the call

what i have been searching so far :

  1. http puller - no https no ssl validation support
  2. logstash-mixin-http_client – based on the same ruby library as puller see
  3. http - not relevant its for pushing not pulling , i need pulling

Beats (shippers ):

  1. heartbeat beats - no json scheme support , the scheme is fixed (si it true , I didnt find documentation to do it ) ?????
  2. metric(http beats is a part of metricbeat from version 6.0.0-rc1) - http beats is avialable only from 6.0.0-rc1 inside metricbeat library ( )

so my questiones are is it possible and if so how to change the scheme to support the json response i am getting from the client .

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