Cisco ASA Netflow

I am using latest 7.3 ELK stack with filebeat.
Configured netflow with the filebeat netflow plugin to monitor my ASA.
For network.direction i am getting "unknown"
For network.bytes i am getting just "-"

Any tips would be helpful to troubleshoot.

The issues seems to be due to running ASA version 9.6+
See the following thread:

Basically modify the
Line 184 starts.. # Populate bytes transferred in the flow.
add to the bottom of it
else if [netflow][fwd_flow_delta_bytes] {
mutate {
id => "netflow-v9-normalize-bytes-from-fwd_flow_bytes"
rename => { "[netflow][fwd_flow_delta_bytes]" => "[netflow][bytes]" }
else if [netflow][rev_flow_delta_bytes] {
mutate {
id => "netflow-v9-normalize-bytes-from-rev_flow-bytes"
rename => { "[netflow][rev_flow_delta_bytes]" => "[netflow][bytes]" }

This will give you ability to see some packets?
As for the direction, I have no idea.

That's a partial fix on logstash for filebeat i do not know how to fix it..

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