Cisco FTD module does not appear to be processing any events


I am currently troubleshooting sending FTD syslog output to a filebeat listener. I'm able to sniff traffic and see packets arriving, but filebeat does not seem to do ANYTHING with the event. I've experimented with running filebeat -e -d "*" -c filebeat.yml while sending a sample event via netcat:
cat firepower-management.log-expected.json |nc -w 1 -u -4 <servername> 9003

Module config:

        enabled: true
        var.input: syslog
        var.syslog_port: 9003
        var.log_level: 7
        var.tags: [cisco-ftd]

Nothing happens. I see no output from filebeat debug console when either a FMC generated or artificial packet is sent to the listening port, and subsequently nothing is indexed.

Any guidance / advice / help in troubleshooting appreicated. This particular filebeat instances is configured to capture other log files and has been indexing those appropriately; I've disabled all inputs but the FTD input at present just to focus troubleshooting.

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