Closing (Connection reset by peer) keeps being logged on logstash logs


Since i upgraded my two logstash instances from 7.16.3 to 8.3.1 i am seeing the appearence of the above logs:

Does someone know why this could be happening? I didnt had these INFO logs before on the previous version.

Thank you,

Hello @Thuunder7 please tell me why there is a picture instead of code tag...

Could you please post your logstash config file (using code tags - otherwise I will not analyze it).

@cheshirecat Sorry, of course i can do that. I just posted the picture because it is always the same log.

Below is my logstash config file:

  name: loganprdap01l

  data: /usr/share/logstash/path_data
  logs: /usr/share/logstash/logs

pipeline.ecs_compatibility: disabled

  enabled: false
  cluster_uuid: kRR0E9ojS8q7DqJJBaYVow

@Thuunder7 why is there a local address

Because i didn't specify the host parameter on the pipeline.
Is letting logstash listen to all interfaces an issue?

For sure it's security issue but still it should work fine.

I am still not really sure what is causing this behavior... Sometimes it stops, sometimes it starts again.
What do you think it can be? At first i thought that it could be a port scanner, but when i resolve the IP i get a host that i clearly know that it is not a port scanner...

Is this stopping/restarting regular?

Hi @cheshirecat ,

Yes, from 20 to 20 min i see a new log like the described , probably there is something wrong with the machine that is connecting to logstash. I don't see any other machines now, with that behavior.

Beat versions, SSL/TLS, and other things are same on machines?

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