co.elastic.apm.agent.bci.IndyBootstrap - null (ClosedByInterruptException)

I am using SLF4J for logging in a multithreaded application. In one instance, I am interrupting a Thread (using Thread.interrupt()). When this Thread is then using SLF4J to log an error, I receive the following exception from the APM agent (version 1.31.0):

ERROR co.elastic.apm.agent.bci.IndyBoostrap - null
java.nio.channels.ClosedByInterruptException: null

It would be great if the APM agent could handle this scenario without this Exception.

Is there a functional/observational issue here, or is the desire only for the stack trace to not be emitted?

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Good question. My first assumption was that a log entry of type ERROR by the ElasticAPM agent appertaining on the console would indicate that something is wrong with the agent.

I haven’t observing any issues with the functionality, although I cannot tell for sure if the error has any side-effects or not.

So your take would be that this error can simply be ignored in this case?

Does it continue happening, or just the first time after the interrupt? I think the former would mean the logger doesn't get bytecode transformed, whereas the latter would just lose the odd error from apm

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Hi @Matthias_W !

We have had another report of a similar issue so we now have a proper work-around that has just been merged in main : Interrupted thread callsite resolution by SylvainJuge · Pull Request #2752 · elastic/apm-agent-java · GitHub.

Thus if this issue still happens on your application, upgrading to the next release (1.34.0) when it's available or the latest snapshot (ideally the one from tomorrow or later as it's built daily) should allow you to get rid of it.

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