Collect directories & sub-directories/files data usage metrics


I have a kubernetes cluster where I am using local path provisioner for creating storage for multiple projects. Basically this provisioner creates subdirecties under already existing root directory on worker nodes. I am looking for a mechanism for collecting disk usage for all subdirectires exists under the root directory from each worker nodes . Filesystem metricset under system module only provides the filesystem usage of the directory mounted on but doesn't provide metrics for disk usage on subdirectories & file level. What do you think about adding this functionality in filesystem metricset?


I think this is a similar thread: How to Monitor particular process and file system disk space through metricbeat

Long story short we don't have any mechanism that can focus on a single directory. You have to configure it as a separate mount point.

You can always try with community beats (not support officialy). Here is the "lsbeat":

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