Combine fields into one field but from Grok match

match => ["message", "(?<Original_Time>%{YEAR}.%{MONTHNUM}.%{MONTHDAY} %{TIME}Z) (?%{SYSLOG5424SD}):(?%{SYSLOG5424SD}):(?%{SYSLOG5424SD}) (?(.|\r|\n)*)"]
break_on_match => false
mutate {

            add_field => {"lognodeinstance" => "%{lognode} %{loginstance}"} 

As you can see I am created a named capture called "lognode" and "loginstance" - is there a way to combine these two into one field called lognodeinstance - I have attempted it above but this prints the text literally!


Well, no, I cannot see any named capture called lognode or loginstance. If those fields existed then that would be the right way to add a new field combining them. If those fields do not exist then you should expect to get the unsubstituted text.

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@Badger So sorry - I was creating the named captures further down and trying to use them above, in the config file. I thought I was capturing them in the above match but I was doing this later! #facepalm.
sorry for wasting your time.

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