Common config for file input plugins


Can I have common config for all the file input plugins in logstash configuration file ?


  file {
	  type => "abc"
      path => "C:/user/logs/*abc.log*"
      sincedb_path => "C:/user/logs/abc.sincedb"	

  file {
	  type => "xyz"
      path => "C:/user/logs/*xyz.log*"
      sincedb_path => "C:/user/logs/xyz.sincedb"	

   codec => multiline {
       pattern => "^%{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601}"
       negate => true
       what => previous

   start_position => beginning 
   ignore_older => 0 

Here, I want to have codec plugin and settings start-position , ignore-older common for all the file inputs.

If above mentioned config is wrong, then can there be any other way of doing so?

This is not possible. All sections in the input {} are parsed independently and handed to a new instance of each plugin (file in this case) for validation. There is no way to merge a common block into a specialised block.

You could look into using something like Mustache to "inject" your common sections into the final LS config file. The common sections could be a JSON or YAML file loaded before the Mustache file is rendered.

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