Community Beat: Wrong version information in various make targets

When executing make update or make package for a community beat, the wrong version is used. Instead if using the version information from some place in the community beat, the version is read from ${ES_BEATS}/dev-tools/packer/version.yml.

Due to this the version for the binary packages as well as in various generated template file is not the version of the community beat for the underlaying vendor version of beat.

See and execute make updateormake package` for an example.

I think it would be good ti implement a change which reads the version from a "well-known" place which can be configured/overwritten by the community beat, e.g. a file or as a property in the make file.

We recently had a PR in that area. Were you proposing something similar?

Yes this was exactly I was looking for. Would be great to get this also merged in the 5.x branch.

For clarity do you need it in the 5.1 branch or in 5.x (we have both in git)? To 5.x it will happen in the first week of the next year. Let me know if you need it earlier.

I'm currently on 5.1.x so that would be my personal preference and early January is perfectly fine.

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