Compare float value generated from Glok Pattern

Dear All,

I am trying to compare 2 float fields, which are created from Grok patterns match.

But this is crashing the pipeline. Not able to figure out what is missing here! Kindly help.

if [message] =~ "Customer Type : data" {
    grok {
        match => {"message" => AccountNumber : %{NUMBER:AcctNumber}, Title Role: %{DATA:TitleRole}, Customer Type : %{DATA:CustomerType}, Source Type : %{DATA:SourceType}, **TotalMrc : %{NUMBER:TotalMRC:float}, NMrc : %{NUMBER:NMRC:float}**,}
    if [TotalMRC] > [NMrc] {
	 mutate {
        add_field => {"TEST" => "YES"}

You need to have quotes around your grok pattern, and the numeric comparison can crash things if those fields do not exist, so you should test for that using

if [TotalMRC] and [NMrc] {
    if [TotalMRC] > [NMrc] {

Thanks for your reply.

The Quotes around Grok - I just missed that while copy pasting here.

However, added the null check as you recommended. Its not crashing now. Which is good thing. But Still don't see the field getting created, no errors in logs. Anything else I am missing?

match => {"message" => "Automation Type : %{DATA:AutomationTypeValue},ExistingTotalMrc : %{NUMBER:ExistingTotalMRC:float}, NewTotalMrc : %{NUMBER:NewTotalMRC:float}, %{GREEDYDATA:Greedymessage}"} 

if [ExistingTotalMRC] and [NewTotalMrc] {
     if [NewTotalMrc] > [ExistingTotalMRC] {
        mutate {
            add_field => {"SaleTrend" => "Upsell"}

Your grok pattern creates NewTotalMRC, not NewTotalMrc.

ahhh. My bad. It works now.

Sorry about the trouble! New to these stuffs.

Thanks again!

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