Conditional filebeat output to logstash

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Hi All,

We have done setup of ELK with 5.6.3 and filebeat-5.6.3 also installed on hosts to push logs. It is running fine. We need segregation for prod/dev indexes for which we have done another setup for my 'dev' environment logs and filebeat remained same on app hosts.

After went through several documentation I couldn't find the way. Our requirement is split the output to logstash i.e document_type 'prod' should go to production logstash/elasticsearch, while document_type 'dev' should go to dev logstash/elasticsearch.

Please suggest on this.

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Filebeat does not support multiple outputs, so to not accidentally couple production and dev environments. Normally users configure 2 filebeat instances in this case. One for production and another one for dev.

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Thank you. We configured another filebeat yml file. Now, it is working as expected.

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