Conditional for empty string in field

I'm trying to drop logs from the config that contain a field with blank string for a particular field. e.g.

if [foo] == "" { drop{} }

This is not working as when the logs come through it shows as "foo" => "\"\""

A little background, I'm using the kv { } filter prior to this conditional. Also using stdout { codec => rubydebug }.

I always use the following to check for an empty string.

if [foo] !~ /.+/ { drop { } }
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This is seeming to drop everything. Even if there is content in foo. Some logs come with foo="" and some come with foo="bar". When I put this conditional in the config, I don't receive any logs.


I would try something like
if [foo] and [foo]=="" {drop { } }


With "foo" => "\"\"" the string isn't empty; it contains two double quotes. Perhaps you should use the mutate filter's gsub option to remove leading and trailing double quotes before your conditional?

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This did not seem to work either, same behavior as previously described...this drops all messages.

So I ended up having to modify the data that was coming in, and got it working. I think the above solutions would have worked in a different scenario.

Thanks everyone for your help

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