Conditional is not working to find nested JSON field

Hi, I used logstash filter to avoid mapper-parsing-exception in this case.

  • JSON Data
    "enveloped_message":{"X":"x", "Y":"y"}

  • logstash filter config
    if "enveloped_message" in [request_body] {
    mutate {
    rename => { "request_body" => "request_body_json" }

  • result
    request_body : ABC
    request_body_json.enveloped_message.X : x
    request_body_json.enveloped_message.Y : y

  • Problem
    conditional can't found enveloped_message!
    so rename is not working, mapping conflict error in request_body

It was work in 6.1.2 logstash, but now is'nt work after upgrade to logstash 7.2.0

Why is not working?? I can't found in upgrade note what difference in conditional
How to find if field have injesting field?

Plz, I need your help. T_T

Thank you.

You can use "in" for array membership, or for substring matching against a string, but I don't think you can use it to test whether a field exists in an object. Try

if [request_body][enveloped_message] {

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