Config filebeat only to read last 5 minutes of log file

Can filebeat read only last 5 minutes of log file?

From the doc only found tail_files but its for read latest line of log

ignore_older for files

It uses the file last modified time in the directory, not the timestamp on an event, not any timestamp of an event.

Thank you for you response

Actually I'm talking about event timestamp because my log only one file

This is some logstash filter ruby code to test timestamp skew. It is mostly to address devices that write logs at epoch_millis = 0 when they reboot until they get a good ntp time.

# if event timestamp skewed more than 3 days....   
ruby {
code => 'if ( - event.get("@timestamp").to_i ).abs > 259200 
             event.set("timeskew_original_timestamp", event.get("@timestamp"))
tag_on_exception => "rubyexception"

This could be modified to a shorter time value and do "event.cancel" if time is out of bounds.

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