Config Map condition based on the log event on child element

Here is what i am trying to achieve.

Below is my log event

		  "version" : "1.0.0",
          "message" : "noisemaker draftsmanship's soundproofing grads werewolf's",
          "@version" : "1",
          "logplane" : "logs-lj",
          "pipeline_data" : [
              "lumberjack_ext_lj_1" : 6
              "lumberjack_ext_lj_2" : 6
          "@timestamp" : "2023-02-22T18:54:36.515Z"

And here is my config map. i know that the pipeline_data is an array, but how can I add a condition out of the child elements in that.

 if [pipeline_data][lumberjack_ext_lj_1] {
       if [pipeline_data][lumberjack_ext_lj_1] > 120 {
          exec {
            command => ""
          pipeline { send_to => "droppipeline" }
  {{- end }}

You need to access it using the index on the array, like [pipeline_data][0][lumberjack_ext_lj_1].

But if the index in the array can change you may need to transform your data like using a split filter to create a new document for each item in the array, or writing a ruby script to create a new dynamic field for each item in the array.

There is no exec filter, you will have to do that in ruby.

If I'm not wrong this is in the output block, since there is a pipeline output after the exec, which is a output plugin.

I think you are right. My mistake!

I did not know there was an exec output. I cannot imagine wanting to fork the JVM and exec another command for each event. It's going to be really expensive.

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