Config pipeline logstash with module cisco


I would like to know if it is possible to use at the same time cisco-asa and cisco-ios in a single pipeline?

Is there a method to create several indexes with one for cisco-ios and the other for cisco-asa?

you can run more than one pipeline in the same process.

another concept is pipeline to pipeline communication
Check it on documentation.

so I can make 2 pipelines for a module with the same port?

Thanks, I'll go and see if this can help me.

how to use a pipeline to receive logs from cisco-asa and cisco-ios?

I haven't found many examples on this subject.

I have a server that contains the filebeat and logstash service.

create log files of both and ingest through logstash.

Check it

Sorry I forgot to say but yesterday I found the solution to my problem and it works.

the solution can be found here :

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@Krunal thank you for your help

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