Config.reload.automatic for logstash docker container

(Morten Bjoernsvik) #1

I've added:
config.reload.automatic: true
config.reload.interval: 300

to my config/logstash/logstash.yml which points to /usr/share/logstash/config/logstash.yml in the running logstash docker container.

I also tried adding
- config.reload.automatic=true
- config.reload.interval=300

to my docker-compose.yml logstash section but, none seem to work.

I still need to restart container for config to to be changed. This is quite hard when you have
lots of pipelines and up to 200K/min/server input. Restarting the container takes 50sec.

Also is there a config I can query to see if this is set up.

Another solution is to open lots of logstash ports and use separate logstash instances.


(Morten Bjoernsvik) #2

I fixed this by running several logstash containers, one for each incomming port. This way I only affect one logstash channel when I reconfig. This way I do not even need pipelines. Docker to the rescue.

(Pieter van Wijngaarden) #3

I like @mortenb123's suggestion, but I'm still left wondering: why does logstash, when running inside a container (I'm using the stack-docker deployment with additional volumes to manage config files on the host instead of in the container) not automatically reload my pipeline? I'm still trying to get it to work the way it should.. any advice is much appreciated.

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