Configuration Drift Between Elastic Versions

Hi there,
How does the operator deal with configuration changes in different elastic versions (ie. added/renamed env vars, etc)

Hey @Kyle_White,

ECK is aware of the stack version based on the version field you provide in the spec.
Any setting entirely managed by ECK (ie. the ones you don't see that ECK applies behind the scenes) is handled correctly.

Any setting you apply yourself (ie. through config: in the spec or podTemplate:) isn't checked by ECK and is "your responsibility".
If some of those settings are incompatible with a newer version of Elasticsearch, it is likely that Elasticsearch will fail to start. Since configuration changes are applied through a rolling upgrade, you would notice that the upgrade is stuck since the first upgraded node cannot start properly. ECK will not move on with upgrading the other nodes with the wrong configuration. At this point you can edit the spec again to apply the correct configuration settings, so ECK can restart the invalid Pod again.

Let me know if that makes sense to you!