Configuring Kafka Input with SASL PLAINTEXT auth

Having some struggles getting kafka-input setup in logstash with SASL PLAINTEXT. Documentation seems to be largely non-existent. I did seem to get Beats sending data in to Kafka with this auth scheme.

The input is pretty basic:
input {
kafka {
bootstrap_servers => ""
topics => ["beats-llk"]
sasl_jaas_config => " required username='admin' password='SOMEPASS';"
sasl_mechanism => "PLAIN"
group_id => "logstash-llk"

I have tried using a specific user for logstash that limits access via ACL to just the topics we want it to touch and that was failing so I opened it up to the main admin/superuser password just to try and eliminate ACL issues. In the kafka server I am seeing the following messages stream out:

[2020-02-15 08:31:44,680] INFO [SocketServer brokerId=1] Failed authentication with / (Unexpected Kafka request of type METADATA during SASL handshake.) (

Any suggestions or pointers to something better than super basic docs would be appreciated.

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