Configuring logstash for multiple input (port and log file path)

I've Configured three of my network devices to write their logs in separated file in /var/log and also i configured my Logstash to read these file as input and it's working well and i could create index for them and i configured my cisco device to send its log in netflow format and i've installed netflow plugin for it and it started to work well but i figure out that my other index that was reading their input from /var/log stop working but as soon as is comment modules part in logsatsh.yml :

- name: netflow

var.input.udp.port: 2055

my other index start working again but my netflow index stop working and i don't know how to configure logstash to use path file and port as input at the same time. would you please help me in this case.
thanks in advance

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