Confusion with making Logstash HA


First time Elk Stack user. I could use some help with understanding Logstash HA. Currently i have started up 3 nodes (old HW, but they will do for testing). Lets call them Node-A,B,C. Each node is in different physical location. Elasticsearch + Kibana was quite easy to install. Confusion starts with logstash, i would like to have it in HA too, so if node A is offline, Node B will still recive logs and visa versa. All tutorials that i have read, use ssl certificate in input phase, thats fine when for example filebeat connects to Logstash-A, but how can it connect to Logstash-B (in event of node a failure) that has different certficate ? Does that also mean, each client will need two filebeats? What about firewall syslogs ?

Node-A [Master,Data,Ingest] + Kibana
Node-B [Master,Data,Ingest] + Kibana
Node-C [Master, Voting only]

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