Connection logstash to filebeat

Hi Team,

I'm looking for a way to connect a logstash to filebeat but i can't find any way.
In documentation neither in internet, may be someone already tried that before.

Destination is to have:

kafka stream to logstash and logstash stream to filebeat and filebeat stream to another logstash in a distant site==>

kafka ==> logstash ==> filebeat ==> logstash


What's the point of Filebeat? Why not just connect the two Logstash instances with a set of lumberjack inputs/outputs?

Logstash can't connect to Filebeat in the network sense since Filebeat doesn't listen to network connections, but you can of course use a file output in Logstash that writes to a file that Filebeat monitors.


thanks @magnusbaeck, i open another discussion about lumberjack.
We don't have this option with logstash "6.3"..
No way to get "lumberjack input plugin".

We are working on disconnected mode and no one can get got it here if we can't got it on offline mode.
So, we are blocked with the logstash 6.3. This is only working with 2.X version.

Another detail, that lumberjack is deprecated and will be removed in futur from ELK plugin list.

Regarding filebeat, we can't use it as input to the (1) logstash because is not compatible with kafka.


The lumberjack output plugin should be able to connect to a beats input plugin.

Yeah, exactly i'm using that actually.
But the message is malformed, there's another topic already opened for this:

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