Connection reset by peer when connecting to Elastic

Hi all,

I'm trying to setup Heartbeat without Logstash (directly integrated into Elastic ECK) on a kubernetes platform.
When the pod is starting, I can see the following error message:
Failed to connect to backoff(Elasticsearch(http://elsmonitor-es-transport.elastic-system.svc.cluster.local:9300)): Get "http://elsmonitor-es-transport.elastic-system.svc.cluster.local:9300": read tcp> read: connection reset by peer

For some reason, the connection fails. I have metricbeat configured and that is working fine. Here is the Elasticsearch output I configured (logstash output is commented out btw):

        hosts: ['elsmonitor-es-http.elastic-system.svc.cluster.local:9200']
        username: ${ELASTICSEARCH_USERNAME}
        password: ${ELASTICSEARCH_PASSWORD}
        host: "http://kibmonitor-kb-http.elastic-system.svc.cluster.local:5601"

Any help is appreciated because I tried all kinds of things but without any luck. I also checked the Elastic logs but couldn't find any log back for why the connection was reset.


Hi @brampurnot , connection was reset could encompass a number of issues, all of which are typically network related. Are you sure the pod has connectivity to ES? Is Metricbeat in the same pod? If it was a credentials related issue you'd get a different error.

Unfortunately it's hard to say more than that, it seems that the container heartbeat is running in can't even get as far as a TCP connection. You could also try curl from the same pod to make sure those credentials work.

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