Consistency date of Search-result

How to have Elasticsearch search (API) deal with a time for which it would be consistent with ?

Elastic search API is eventually consistent, in favour of query response times.
Eventual consistency is not an issue as long as one can be sure of the date it is consistent with.

Can any elasticsearch search (API) result return the time for which it is consistant with ?
Is there any way to have elasticsearch search (API) results include the time for which it is consistent with ?
Would it be possible to provide a date at search query time against witch the API could either respond «unconsistent against provided date» or the result consistent with that date ?

The ultimate desired function is to be able to provide a (possibly functional) date for each bulk update/indexing step and have the search query deal with it. If not possible, the real technical update/indexing date could be enough.

This question went to me in the process of evaluating elasticsearch against an industrial project, after reading [this][1]
I could read the following topic: consistency-of-search

ES can't do this.

But that doesn't negate it's use. What exactly is the use case?

the use case is facet search and agreagation sum-ups over big data ~50 billion to show official/contractual values. time granularity is a day.

Is it really not possible to know when a given synchronization among all nodes is over ?

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